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Janelle Stein is a New York native. She comprises many of the exciting characteristics of this diverse Capital of the World. As a natural-born performer and a trained actress, her candid smile, gleaming skin, and dazzling beauty is well complemented by her talents; this makes for her easy transition between acting, dancing, and modeling.Janelle has appeared in various plays, films and ad campaigns. She has graced the screen as the lead in “The Call” produced by the award winning independent film company, Wrong Way Pictures, among many others. Her recent stage credits include the role of Hit woman/Paulette in “The Hit”, Maggie in “Candy Thief” and Mariah in “Why Not Just Tell the Truth”. She recently produced and performed in a series of plays titled, “Defiance” and “Shattered! Deception, Denial and the Truth”. Passionate about the craft, Janelle Stein’s dramatic studies consist of the Ivana Chubbuck Technique taught by T.S.A.W. (Tasha Smith Actors Workshop), as well as The Meisner Technique at The DeSotelle Studio. 

 Born in Manhattan and raised in The Bronx, Janelle always maintained a vivacious spirit despite her rugged environment and experiences. Raised by a single mom who values academics, Janelle attributes her integrity and resilient spirit to the influence of her mother. “Everything good inside of me comes from my mother. My mother can be very introverted, but she loves to dance. She nurtured the little performer in me at a young age. When I was a kid, she enrolled me in many different dance classes at places such as, The Dance Theater of Harlem. I remember my friends and I, creating performances as children. We used to entertain our parents at birthday parties and make special shows. Performing for our parents, family, and friends felt like a major production.“By the time I was twelve I was sparked with the desire to act. I asked my mom to enroll me in some classes and it felt organic. I knew I wanted to have an acting career. I made my first television appearance in high school which solidified my desire to become an actor. I have been blessed to work with such extraordinary professionals and have loyal supporters. There are so many people who contribute to my growth and development as a performer. I would like to thank them all! For me, they become an extended family. I learn from every production, shoot, show, film, and experience.I would like to expand and hone my skills as an actor. I aspire to have longevity and great skill. Ideally booking consistent, complex, prominent roles with depth is my goal.” – Janelle Stein

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